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After protest Baranoa Band, suspended construction of toll

Hilton Escobar, band director, confirmed the decision granting Ruta Caribe.
The construction of a toll on near the site of the band Baranoa was suspended Wednesday afternoon by order of the mayor of Baranoa.

The structure for toll collection had been authorized by the national government to move the booth that existed outside Galapa.

“The work is paralyzed for lack of a license which must grant the Mayor of Baranoa” said Hilton Escobar, director of the band.

Goodyear and its plant in SLP Mexico

A year after announcing the construction of a new production plant type tires HVA (High Value Added) in San Luis Potosi, Goodyear is making strides. The area in which the plant will be located is 38 hectares and the construction thereof will be 91 thousand 752 square meters.


Among the most significant progress can be enlisted:


Last July began preparing the ground and since then, a total of one million 90 thousand cubic meters of earth have been removed.


So far there is an increase of 93% in the construction of the building exterior. It has also begun work inside where there is an increase of 23%.


The first concrete foundation was held in October 2015, they have been dumped 20 000 500 cubic meters of concrete and pour expected 400 thousand.


The first production machines will be ready in December 2016.




The new plant will be the most advanced tire firm worldwide, will feature the latest technology, will be a plant “zero waste to landfill”, will use natural gas and LED lighting with energy saving.


The line of tires combines engineering, manufacturing technology, innovative product design and advanced a compound to provide the best science performance and exceptional driving experience.


“Mexico has a growing economy and a strong industrial base. Its strong network of established suppliers is very attractive for local and foreign investors, as well as its workforce are highly skilled and motivated, “said David Gomez. “Mexico is among the 10 largest automobile manufacturers in the world,” he said.

Building with HIB – individually or ready always perfect

Either way, the central idea of HIB is simple building with the highest technical comfort. The differentiated support in your planning is in us a natural service – with the acquisition of their planning data HIB elements are specifically adapted for your project, prefabricated and numbered and accompanied by clear planning documents. This allows on the site running smoothly until the installations, for which our system holds more sophisticated solutions.


Explore the following links in addition to individual and pre-planned building solutions HIB also exceptional projects in the commercial sector or with special physical requirements.